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The best smart rings of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

Jun. 10, 2024

The best smart rings of : Expert tested and reviewed

I've been wearing an Oura Ring on my finger for a few months now, and have used the ring in nearly every environment: while running in the city, working at the office, stretching on a yoga mat, and sleeping in my bed. Oura presents my sleep, activity, and recovery data to me right as I check the home page on the app, and I'm pleased with how it's helped me further understand myself through health data. It even captured my higher stress levels on one tear-filled night. 

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Additionally, the simplified overall score appears with a detailed chart monitoring heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels through the night. The ring also automatically senses when you're stressed and adjusts your activity goals accordingly. One recent night, it detected my significantly raised body temperature and suggested I use the rest mode function, which deprioritizes activity and prioritizes rest and recovery. 

There are many reasons to opt for Oura, but one that comes up in conversations a lot is how many apps partner with Oura. Natural Cycles, Strava, and more health apps offer data syncing into the app. I love that when I use Strava for runs it automatically shows up in my Oura timeline. 

ZDNET contributor Sherin Shibu purchased a Heritage Oura Ring and tested it with weekly activities like strength training, cycling, yoga, and more. She reported that not only was it a capable and accurate tracker, but it didn't overwhelm her with data. Instead, the Oura Ring prioritized actionable insights and solutions. For example, the over 50 guided meditation options have helped Shibu to alleviate stress and sleep more soundly, she wrote in her review. 

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This comprehensive but simple approach is evident in the ring's form factor and integrations -- Shibu said she was amazed at how such a sleek device could hold a catalog of information. The ring syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and iOS and Android apps, allowing you to see your daily and even monthly metrics from your mobile device. 

The downside, which Redditors and reviewers often point out, is that there's a $6 per month membership cost to unlock personal insights, like in-depth morning sleep analysis and temperature trend monitoring (which can even predict early stages of illness). Non-paying members, however, only have access to sleep, readiness, and activity insights. Plus, Oura's customer service is great, according to ZDNET staff writer Allison Murray, who called them after her ring's battery began to falter, and the company sent her another ring free of charge. 

Also: The Oura smart ring's brilliant new features outshine even its titanium finish

Oura Ring Gen3 tech specs: Material: Lightweight titanium with non-allergenic, non-metallic inner molding | Battery life: 4-7 days | Charging: Full charge in 20 to 80 minutes | Compatibility: iOS and Android | Durability: Water-resistant up to 328 feet | Sizing: Free sizing kit with purchase on their site

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