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moving sand

Jun. 10, 2024

moving sand

Having tried to use a water pressure powered dredge, and an air powered air lift, in deepish water, the water powered dredge hose gets filled with sand, the airlift will not. That is why they normally use an airlift to work deep water sites. They wont work in shallow water. That is where a suction dredge works best. Water powered. you could use a water powered dredge to move the sand a short distance away, but not very far or the sand will fill the hose. It cant be very long. The air lift hose stays clear and you can move it a long way away by having the airlift hose go downcurrent. If you have a huge amount of water flowing in a suction dredge, you can move a ton of sand successfully, but then you have to use a monster water pump. Air is easy to pump deep, its the expansion of the air that makes it work so well in deep water, not just the air flowing. Suction dredges water doesnt get stronger as it get closer to the surface. That is why the sand piles up in the hose.

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