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What is the point of a baby bouncer?

Jun. 17, 2024

Why buy a baby bouncer? 7 brilliant benefits!

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What are the Benefits of Baby Bouncers and Rockers?

It&#;s no surprise that many parents are turning to baby bouncers and rockers as a place for their little ones when they need some down time. However, it can be hard finding the perfect resting station - especially if you have different needs! Lots of mums and dads are shopping around for the perfect daytime solution for their little one to sit and play, with many of them choosing baby bouncers and rockers as a place to pop them down when needing their hands free. 

So you&#;re looking for a baby bouncer or rocker? Well, we've got your back! Here is what to consider when making this choice.

What is a bouncer?

It may seem obvious given the name - bouncer, but it&#;s worth confirming what it is you&#;re looking for. So, the majority of bouncers on the market are simply a seat on a wireframe that springs up and down with a slight bounce movement.

The benefits of a bouncer 


Many baby bouncers are often kitted out with an interactive toy bar which may include rattles, noisemakers, or other enticing objects. A toy bar might include rattles, noisemakers, or other enticing objects. Designed to be used during playtime, this feature mentally stimulates little ones and keeps them entertained.

We love the BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss + Toy bundle set which gently bounces as baby kicks their legs or waves their arms. While the toy bar is perfect for stimulating brain development, the design is exciting for curious babies!

Compact for travel 

Despite being super tiny, newborns end up taking a lot of space in the home! Baby bouncers are handy because most are designed to be folded away and easy to transport if you&#;re on the move, which makes it great if you need to pass from room to room or even venturing out of the house.

The Maxi-Cosi Kori Bouncer adjusts to 3 different positions with just one hand, and the compact fold also means you can tuck it away under the bed or behind the sofa when needed.

Perfect for playtime 

Babies love playtime and most especially enjoy the up and down motion of a bouncer chair. They&#;ll often stay content for a long period of time too, as the stimulating springy movement encourages little legs to kick out in excitement. Some babies are even able to join in with the motion for ultimate bounce!

The Childhome Evolux Bouncer bounces along when baby moves, making it an ideal play and rest spot while the soft padded harness makes sure baby is seated safely and comfortably for hours of fun!

What is a rocker?

On the other hand, a rocker works very similar to an adult rocking chair in that it rocks back and forth in a seated position. Many baby rockers consist of a slightly reclined seat with two curved bands at the back. The rocking motion can be done using your hands, giving the rocker a gentle nudge with your foot or some are even remotely powered!

The benefits of a rocker

If you are looking for more details, kindly visit Tacviw.

Calming motion 

The gentle rocking motion can be especially soothing early with newborns as it mimics the swaying movement of the womb. Though it&#;s not a safe option for nap or sleep time, baby bouncers can calm newborns or help to soothe babies with colic.

The Maxi-Cosi Cassia Rocker features an easy-to-use touch screen which along with many handy uses, has 12 soothing melodies and nature sounds to help calm fussy babies. 

Used from birth 

Most baby rockers are designed to be used safely from birth, as the reclined seat is perfect for newborns who can&#;t yet support their head. However, make sure to check before purchasing that your rocker is designed from birth.

The Charlie Crane LEVO rocker is not only a beautiful piece of furniture for your nursery or home, but it is also available to use from birth all the way up to 7 months. With its new removable harness, LEVO can be transformed into a beautiful rocking chair as little ones grow.


Many rockers now offer powered rocking motion, so you no longer need to sit close and spend hours manually rocking the chair with your hand or foot. This freedom means you can move around the room, while baby enjoys the sensation of rocking.

The Nuna LEAF rocker is perfect for hands-free movement, as you gently tap the chair to begin the naturally calming, rhythmic side to side movement that carries on for over 2 minutes. Add the The Nuna LEAF Wind to the base and offer a constant swaying motion and with up 6 speed settings to soothe baby.

So, what&#;s the difference?

In short, while people may use the term bouncer and rocker interchangeably, they refer to two slightly differing products.The primary difference is the intended purpose, with bouncers created with playtime in mind and rockers offering a more soothing, relaxed functionality.'

This explains why many bouncers feature a toy bar, music or interactive tools while rockers are commonly cushioned and reclining, although it should be noted that rockers or bouncers are not intended for sleeping.

Should I get a bouncer or rocker?

Well, put it this way &#; if you&#;re still torn whether to get a bouncer or rocker because you like the functionalities of both, then you may want to get both! While there are sometimes a few products that parents probably wouldn&#;t buy again, rockers and bouncers are rarely one of them.

That&#;s not to say however, that everyone has the room to house both a bouncer and rocker, so bear this in mind when making your decision. Alternatively, you can even find some on the market that offer the benefits of both like the aden + anais 3 in 1 Bouncer Rocker.

See something you like?

If there&#;s a particular baby bouncer or rocker that is on the top of your list, but you have a couple of questions not answered on our website, speak to one of our nursery specialists via one-way video call for expert advice and live demos.  We&#;re always on hand to help you shop confidently for your little one.

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