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What is the difference between a floor scrubber and an auto scrubber?

The need for self-hygiene continues to increase, and cleaning technology continues to advance. Floor scrubbers and autonomous floor scrubbers are two key components of the modern cleaning industry. However, what are the differences between them, and how can autonomous floor scrubbers revolutionize the cleaning industry? This article will take you through these issues.


Floor scrubber vs. autonomous floor scrubber

Floor scrubber

A floor scrubber is a traditional cleaning equipment used to clean and maintain floor surfaces. Here are some key points about traditional floor scrubbers:


How to operate: Traditional floor scrubbers typically require human operation, usually controlled by a professional cleaning staff or equipment operator. This means specialized staff need to be trained and hired to run these machines.


Manual Navigation: Traditional floor scrubbing machines often require manual navigation, where the operator must direct the machine forward, backward, and turn to ensure the floor surface is properly cleaned.


Cleaning efficiency: Due to its reliance on human operation, the cleaning efficiency of traditional floor scrubbers may be limited, depending on the skill and experience of the operator.


Scope of application: These machines are suitable for small and medium-sized cleaning tasks such as offices, shops and small commercial areas.


Autonomous driving floor scrubber


The autonomous floor scrubber is a modern piece of cleaning equipment with many innovative features, including the following:


Automation: Autonomous floor scrubbers are automated cleaning solutions. They are equipped with various sensors and intelligent navigation systems and can complete cleaning tasks autonomously without human intervention.


Autonomous Navigation: These machines are able to navigate autonomously, sensing and avoiding obstacles while planning the most efficient cleaning path to ensure floor surfaces are fully cleaned.


Cleaning efficiency: Because autonomous floor scrubbers do not rely on human operation, they are generally more efficient and can handle large cleaning tasks, such as large commercial buildings, hospitals, airports and warehouses.


Time and Cost Savings: Autonomous floor scrubbers can significantly reduce cleaning time and costs because they can be cleaned during off-hours without the need for additional personnel.


The future of autonomous floor scrubbers

VIGGO’s Autonomous Driving Floor Scrubber represents the pioneer of future cleaning technology. Not only do they provide efficient, autonomous cleaning, they also improve cleaning standards, reduce cleaning costs and provide a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.


Overall, autonomous floor scrubbers are revolutionizing the cleaning industry, making cleaning smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

As these technologies continue to develop and be applied, we can expect future cleaning solutions to become more advanced and popular, and VIGGO will provide people with a cleaner and more comfortable environment.


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