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What is 30ml Pink Essential Oil Glass Dropper Bottle China Factory and Why Do We Use Them?

Jun. 17, 2024

Pink Cosmetic Glass Dropper Bottles for Skincare ...

With an installed capacity of 2,280 tons per day, makes us able to produce glass bottles and containers in


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QC,first happens at the IS machine, immediately after the bottle is formed. Here, the line operator, with the quality control checker, does hot end sampling for dimensional checks.

Hot-end ware rejection is an automatic process to ensure quality of the bottles after bottle swabbing. Next, the bottles are put into an annealing chamber, where they are gradually heated and cooled to de-stress.

The bottles then pass through a series of automatic and camera inspection checks by equipment These machines check for body defects, neck finish, bubbles, foreign matter etc.

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The bottles are finally automatically shrink-wrapped, and a sample of the packed bottles is put through a QA process to check for defects.


Because each project is unique, we make a dedicated project team. DESIGN & ENGINEERING, who specializing in bottle and brand design from scratch, and the 3D PRINT PROTOTYPING which can rapid prototyping capabilities in-house.

Contact us to discuss your requirements of 30ml Pink Essential Oil Glass Dropper Bottle Wholesale. Our experienced sales team can help you identify the options that best suit your needs.

Pink Glass Dropper Essential Oil Bottle

After sales We have our own after sales team, if you have any questions can contact us in any time.


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