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Tire Recycling - Technology, Innovations, News

May. 13, 2024

Tire Recycling - Technology, Innovations, News

There are a lot of tire recycling processes that can be used to recycle waste tires. Tires can be recycled into rubber and steel wires that can be reused or the tires can be recycled using Tire pyrolysis and used as fuel.

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Steel wire removing

Tires have steel wires int them to help with resistance. The steel wires need to be removed before the tires can be recycled. The steel wires can be reused for new steel goods and the rubber moves on to the next step in the recycling process.

Whole tire processing

After removing the wires, the rubber tires need to be reduced in size. There are two ways to reduce the size of the tires:

  1. Mechanical – A shredder is used to reduce the rubber into smaller pieces, the size of the pieces can be regulated using a granulator.
  2. Cryogenic – The tires are frozen with liquid nitrogen. The frozen tires are then smashed to smaller pieces with a hammer mill. All left over steel pieces can be removed with a strong magnet and other materials can be removed with an air classifier.

At this point in the process all of the rubber is screened and all steel and other fibers that affect the usability of the rubber are removed. During the screening process the rubber is also sorted by the size of the particle and any pieces that are too big are removed.

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At this stage, the screened rubber is cleaned using water or other cleaning substances. The rubber can now be used as raw material. Examples of uses of the rubber are in rubber shoes and playground turfs.

Pyrolysis is a recycling method whereby whole or shredded tires are heated in an oxygen-free reactor. The rubber gets softened and the polymers start breaking down into smaller molecules. These molecules then gasify and leave the reactor.

The gasses can be either burned directly to generate power or condensed into a fluid that can be used as fuel. Not all molecules can be condensed but these smaller molecules can be used as a fuel. Not all parts of the tire can be used for fuel, after the pyrolysis process about 40% (by weight) of the tires can be removed as ashes.

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