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Slow Down Children & Pets at Play Dog Signs and Sticker

May. 13, 2024

Slow Down Children & Pets at Play Dog Signs and Sticker

Our aluminum signs are made of powder coated .040" aluminum with a sheet of exterior vinyl. They are weather resistant and work great for interior and exterior usage. Durability is 10 years.

If you want to learn more, please visit our website pet aluminum sticker.

Powder Coated Aluminum (.040"):

Powder coating is widely considered to be the ideal method of decorating and protecting aluminum components, products and parts. By electrostatically spraying and fusing this mixture of pigments and resins onto a surface, you can achieve a high-quality, extremely durable finish that will extend the life of your metal and ensure its continued aesthetic appeal.

With powder coating, there are zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to humans and the environment alike. The reduced hazardous waste created by powder coating compared to liquid paints also make clean-up easier and allows the coated material to be easily recycled later on.

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As far as appearance goes, powder coated aluminum is much more consistent and even than conventional painting methods. Plus, because powder coating can produce a much thicker coat with fewer visible differences (like running or sagging paint), it can be significantly more durable than traditional liquid paint. The flexibility in choices of powdered resins and pigments allow for virtually every color combination - even glosses, metallic finishes, and a variety of different textures.

Vinyl (Orajet):

The vinyl that is used is for general signage and other medium-term flat indoor and outdoor applications with a thickness of 2.75 mil. Once the vinyl is peeled from the backing, it is adhere to the aluminum with a grey, solvent-based, permanent adhesive.

Aluminum Stakes (24" in Length):

These aluminum stakes are offered as a pre-mounted option for our 6" x 6" and Badge Shape Signs. They are made of rugged .065 gauge aluminum to stand up against wind, rain, string trimmers and occasional bumps by the lawn mower. They area mounted to our signs with (2) stainless steel rivets. They're beveled at one end to go in the ground more easily. These U-Channel stakes include a protective cap.

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