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LED Tri-Color and All-Around Anchor Navigation Stack Light

May. 13, 2024

LED Tri-Color and All-Around Anchor Navigation Stack Light

Product Description


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  • 10-30VDC, low EMI design

  • 5W max.

  • Current draw of <0.50A @ 12VDC

  • Brass / hardened plastic construction

  • Easy mounting with four (4) screws, not included

  • Red/Green/White LEDs for maximum transmissivity

  • Sharp sector separation

  • High-Output LEDs exceed USCG visibility requirements for boats up to 60'

  • 8" height x 3" diameter

    For more information, please visit led panel rgb.


This combination tri-color / all-around anchor navigation light for sailboats is a great and economical LED solution to freshening up the top of your mast.   The tri-color's LEDs lower the wattage by 80% while providing a brighter output than traditional 25W incandescent stack lights.

Why add a tri-color?

It substantially increases the distance at which your boat can be seen at night.   Under the USCG/COLREG rules, a tri-color is optional while under sail, and provides a significant benefit in terms of visibility when cruising.  It is highly recommended for cruisers and folks who venture offshore at night. 

What is included?

Included is the tri-color/anchor stack light pre-fitted with replaceable Marinebeam LED bulbs.  Up top is a partitioned tri-color LED bulb, and a 360 degree LED anchor light bulb.  The bulbs are wired separately, and are controlled by using a single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) type switch (not included).  A photocell anchor light is optional.

What is the photocell option?

The photocell option allows automatic dusk-to-dawn operation, which give you the flexibility to leave the boat in the daytime with the assurance that the anchor light will come on automatically at dusjk as the sun sets.  It also automatically turns off the anchor light at dawn, so you don't need to remember to do it.   This is all accomplished with the addition of a photocell sensor on the anchor light LED.   The dusk-to-dawn function is enabled only for the anchor light.  The tri-color is still switched manually.

Try it risk-free!  If you are not 100% satisfied, our 30-day money back guarantee offers you a risk-free test.

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