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Inch and Metric Oil Seal Types

Single Lip Seals

Available in a range of sizes, single lip seals are suitable for most applications.

Dual Lip Seals

Dual lip seals are typically used for difficult sealing applications requiring the separation of two fluids.

The chart below shows different design considerations for single and dual lip seals. To view our cross-reference chart, download the Oil Seals Brochure.

Oil Seals 101 – The Ultimate Guide

Oil seals work by squeezing and retaining lubricant in a thin layer between the lip and the shaft. Perfect sealing is ensured by the hydrodynamic action of the rotating shaft, which in turn produces a slight pump action.


As earlier said, oil seals perform some functions that ensure the functionality of mechanical equipment and extend their lifespan. And how they do this is by retaining lubricants at all cost and not making them escape no matter how high the pressure of the machine is.


The other way oil seals work is by stopping outboard materials that can damage the machine or contaminate its lubricant. The outboard materials that the oil seal will need to stop depend on the application. However, the most common kinds are dirt, moisture, and the particles produced during manufacturing.


Standard petroleum oil has a lifespan of 30 years at 86 degrees Fahrenheit if it’s not 

contaminated with moisture or any other particle. But the same oil will only last for a month at 212 degrees Fahrenheit if it’s contaminated with little water. This is why the function of an oil seal is very evident whenever it’s used.


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