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How to make a twisted wire brush?

Jun. 10, 2024

Twisted-In-Wire – Schaefer Brush

Brush fill is twisted between two stem wires with a single wire on each side.

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Brush fill is twisted between four stem wires with two stem wires on each side.

Brush fill is twisted between four stem wires with two layers of fill. Each layer is perpendicular to the other with a single stem wire in each quadrant.

The Tiny Wire Brush : 3 Steps

Regular wire brushes may be great for removing welding slag and rust from large work pieces, but when it comes to small items, they can be rather inadequate. Sometimes, size does matter. And sometimes, smaller is better.


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I've searched far and wide for a worthy wire brush, one that would reach where no other would. But to no avail. How was I supposed to clean the scale off my friend's teapot then?

Sure, you could always use a dremel and a wire wheel to reach tight spots, but even that has its limitations. Power tools are great, but hand tools tend to remain quite reliable over a greater range of circumstances. Power shortage? No problem. They are generally simpler to troubleshoot and repair, often with easily available parts. They are easy to design and fabricate, can be customized at will... and this one fits in your pocket!

Besides, this is an Instructable! It's about making, rather than buying. It's about creative and purposeful reuse, self sufficiency, and flexibility. Nothing beats the feeling of making your own tools from scratch. I'm a big fan of using the right the tool for the right job, but in this case I realized the right tool did not exist. At least not yet...

So I decided to make my own tiny wire brush. And you can now make your own, too.

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