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China Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

China Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

A plain BOPP plastic film covered with a resin adhesive activated by low-temperature heat and pressure is called a BOPP Thermal lamination film.

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The heat melts the adhesive and, with pressure, sticks the plastic film neatly to the paper&#;s surface. It is most commonly used on diaries, brochures, leaflets, shopping bags, business cards, etc.

BOPP thermal lamination film is compatible with a wide range of packaging machines. It is an ideal solution for photos and prints.

The thin transparent coating protects the printed area without causing a visual distraction. You may get matte, textured, metallic, PVC-finished, acrylic-finished, gloss, or silk laminates at Kingchuan Packaging.

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The Lamination BOPP film is available in sheets and pouches as well. Unlike sheets, the lamination pouches protect the products, within, from all directions.

Furthermore, Kingchuan provides you with two types of lamination films &#; thermal and cold. Unlike thermal lamination films, cold lamination film does not require heat to adhere to the surface. Self-adhesive cold lamination film seals the surface without heat.

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Sourcing Guide for Laminating Film:

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