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Characteristics and applications of phosphate ester surfactants

Aug. 10, 2022

This article mainly explains phosphate ester surfactants in detail from two aspects: characteristics and applications of phosphate ester surfactants, and we hope it can help you.

 phosphate esters surfactants

Phosphate esters surfactants are anionic surfactants which are produced by phosphation of fatty alcohols and ethoxylated aliphatic and aromatic alcohols. Compared to other anionic surfactants, phosphate esters offer specific advantages, including stability over a broad pH range, good solubility and corrosion inhibiting properties. Phosphate esters are highly suitable for use as emulsifying agents, wetting agents, anti-stats, corrosion inhibitors and hydro tropes in cleaning formulations.


1.It has a lot of good capacities such as decontamination, emulsification, moisturizing, dispersion, detergency, solubilization, lathering, lubrication, static resistance etc.

2.It has low toxic and irritation effect an high stability in both acid and aqueous alkali, high thermal stability.

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3.It can be well mixed with other solvent due to its good compatibility.



Phosphate ester and salt is widely applied to the industry of agrochemicals, textile, dyeing, cosmetics, detergents, leather, paper making, plastic and machinery as antistatic agent, dye leveler, emulgator, dispersant, penetrant, degreasing agent, scouring, agent, deinking agent, metal processing cooling agent etc. 
Phosohate salt, due to its excellent water-solubility, is a major ingredient of aqueous emulsion, microemulsion and suspension concentrate. 

If you still want to know more information about phosphate ester surfactants, you can contact us.

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