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Car Heater History

Jun. 10, 2024

Car Heater History

Car Heater History

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The heater in your vehicle is something that you probably take for granted. Climate control heat has become more of a standard feature rather than something you could add on. Some of the first few vehicles would have portable heaters. These would include gas lamps or burners that would warm up the interior of the vehicle. They were also the same type of heaters that horse carriages used for centuries. As the development of vehicles improved, so did the heater itself.


In , advanced climate control was used by having filters and you could regulate airflow and temperature. Heater cores were typically used, this was because gas heaters were too costly. In , GM introduced car seat heaters on certain cars. Eventually military vehicles were able to be comfortable for troops who were fighting in the cold weather and temperatures. It was not until the &#;s when heaters became standard in all the vehicles.


Cadillac vehicles were the first ones to have a fully automatic climate control. This allowed those in the vehicle to adjust the temperature to what they wanted. Since this happened, very little has changed. Cars still use a heater core design, and even the hybrids do. While you may not think of the heater as more than something that is convenient, it also is necessary in the winter months. Doing so will help warm up the vehicle, and improve the visibility when you drive.


Remember to check the heater and defrost of the vehicle that they are operating correctly. Any sign of an issue should mean you bring the vehicle in immediately. Doing so can help keep the vehicle safe and reliable for you during the winter months. Also remember to fully scrape the windshield and rear windshield of the vehicle. The side windows and mirrors will also need to be scraped clear as well.

How Old Cars Were Heated | Reed Brothers Dodge History ...

Nobody really thinks about it today. If your car is too cold, then simply switch on the &#;heater&#; and soon your car will be warm. However, it wasn&#;t always that way. What passengers did back then, in the early days of motoring, was bundle up as if one was outdoors. This meant heavy clothing, winter gloves and snow boots. It wasn&#;t long, however, before car makers realized that a few comforts, like heat in the passenger compartment, or even some type of heated seating, would help sell cars.

In order for occupants of early &#;s cars to remain warm during the cold winter months, especially when it was snowing, it was necessary for them to dress warmly and cover themselves with blankets. Note the car in the photo below is mostly open-bodied, with no windows and certainly no heat. Tire chains are on the rear tires. I cannot say with any certainty, but I believe it is Lewis Reed&#;s car with his wife and baby daughter, Mary Jane, sitting inside all bundled up.

While this had been the accepted way to do things for centuries, it did not take long for automotive engineers to realize that heat from the car engine could also be used to warm the interior of the vehicle. Heaters became standard equipment on the more expensive cars and over time they were fitted to most cars. You could buy and fit after market car heaters to suit cheaper cars like the Fords and Chevrolets.

Below are some advertisements from an Automotive magazine of that show the two different ways motorists used to keep warm &#; the rug and the heater.

An essential appointment in your own car. A seasonable gift for a friend.

You have your car insured against every possible contingency of accident, fire, theft, etc.,&#;but how about its occupants&#; can you guarantee their comfort against winter&#;s storm and cold?

LAIDLAW MOTOR ROBES are COLD INSURANCE, you pay no premiums on their price, yet you receive protection of warmth, comfort and luxury.

LAIDLAW MOTOR ROBES are made in an infinite variety of color and fabric, lined or not, as you wish. Monogrammed at but slight additional cost. Prices exceptionally low. Quality exceptionally high. Order now for holiday gifts.

Comfortable Driving at Zero!

THE KINGSTON CAR HEATER stands between you and the coldest wind that blows. It is a heater that keeps your car warm at zero weather, that warms the car with pure, fresh air, that can be instantly adjusted to meet your wants, that is beautifully and substantially built &#; an ornament to any car.

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