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A one stop solution for digital cross-border logistics collaborative solutions needs!

The development of cross-border e-commerce has seen a surge in popularity, with a variety of e-commerce platforms springing up and logistics methods emerging. 

There are now six cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions:express, postal parcel, overseas warehouse, dedicated courier, virtual overseas warehouse, and China-Europe railway multimodal mode. Supply chain professionals and executives claim they are always considering collaboration. But, despite their best efforts, they continue to use dozens of platforms to manage what should be a simple concept. The reality is that the ambitious promises of increased efficiency, visibility, and collaborative infrastructure made by software vendors have been lost due to the hassle of logging into countless systems and trying to manage data across different supply chain platforms. For this reason, shippers, freight brokers, logistics service providers (LSPs), and third-party logistics providers (3PLs), want to find a collaborative approach to logistics that leverages automation and addresses the challenges inherent in the digital supply chain.


A one stop solution for digital logistics collaborative needs!

In this day and age, everyone wants the fastest and most affordable products, and unified collaboration in logistics can make this possible. Unfortunately, the plethora of platforms in use and the need to manage them can lead to wasted time and effort - consuming valuable resources in the supply chain.

Logistics collaboration is a natural culmination of the industry's digital transformation. As companies establish new technologies and services that leverage automation, trading partners should see tangible, forward-looking benefits in their operations. In addition, modern consumers expect a digital experience, and this applies to both business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. Without the right level of collaboration in the supply chain to improve efficiency, so professionals may focus on more strategic initiatives rather than getting caught in the weeds of the process, customers may see higher prices and choose to move their business elsewhere. Without collaboration between suppliers and operators, collaboration effectively outlines the supply chain business objectives between all parties. It gets everyone on the same page and when applied to the consumer side of the equation, collaboration can create an immersive digital experience.

It thus seems important that with a supply chain network built on a single platform, collaboration and visibility can be achieved, the whole process can be fully automated and a strong ROI can be generated for the company.

A one stop solution for digital logistics collaborative needs!

cross border collaborative logistics platform

The cross border collaborative logistics platform is a new type of service oriented towards a platform economy with the goal of a win-win situation for the network participants and increased customer satisfaction. Sharing the logistics functions of multiple customers allows you to rationalise your logistics work, increase efficiency at the point of delivery and reduce your transport costs and environmental impact compared to traditional systems set up separately.

The cross border collaborative logistics platform allows the sharing of functions from order taking to transport, delivery and storage. We offer the cross border collaborative logistics platform to multiple customers on a standard platform of IT infrastructure, multifunctional logistics centres, distribution networks etc. We can also customise the level of collaboration to meet the needs of different players in the parcel supply chain for the cross border collaborative logistics platform. collaborative logistics platform to meet the different requirements and needs of different players in the parcel supply chain.

Advantages of the cross border collaborative logistics platform

The cross border collaborative logistics platform enables improvements by leveraging a shared infrastructure

Certain logistics improvements may be difficult for each customer, but can be achieved through collaborative operations between multiple customers. A shared logistics platform can not only bring value to you, it can also help you improve supply chain efficiency across your industry.

The cross border collaborative logistics platform optimises common processes while meeting specific needs

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By using a multi-functional centre, we can meet the common needs shared by multiple customers, while meeting other individual needs. In addition, we have value-added service options that make our services unique in the marketplace.

Leverage the extensive expertise of our customers' industries

Based on the expertise we have built up through the construction of many logistics systems, we offer a reliable cross border collaborative logistics platform that is tailored to the needs of your industry.

About eTower's cross border collaborative logistics platform

We build a cross-border collaborative logistics platform for the cross-border logistics industry and provide collaborative logistics software services to our customers in the same industry.

We use the expertise we have developed through building multiple logistics models to build a cross border collaborative logistics platform infrastructure that can respond to specific industry needs, and you can choose from our standard menu of features that will benefit you.

Consolidate the needs of individual logistics service providers into one multifunctional centre

Distribution processing, collection and returns, order processing, promotional packages and other value-added services

Selective cross border collaborative logistics platform using collaborative logistics functions

You can choose to share at f-level - some arrangements are possible, such as synergistic deliveries to your forwarding centre.

Our cross border collaborative logistics platform supports your logistics strategy

We provide management KPI data to help you meet your customers' needs

With a Digital cross-border logistics collaborative solutions, the supply chain can get a clearer picture of each transaction. They see more data and can make proactive decisions to improve efficiency. The biggest benefit of logistics collaboration is obviously less waste, which is just another way of saying more efficiency, more savings, and faster processing.

Your business needs a truly unified technology stack that brings in data from your WMS, TMS, YMS, returns management system, procurement platform, and any other SaaS platform you deem necessary. It's time to see everything in a single pane- a digital cross-border logistics collaborative solution, allowing you to manage your entire logistics process with fewer clicks, less intervention, and automated processes to optimize everything, anytime, anywhere, and eTower can help you achieve this. 

Contact our experts to find out what eTower can do for you.


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