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10 Questions You Should to Know about pdlc glass for sale

Jun. 17, 2024

FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions


What is SONTE film?

It is a film for glass &#; whether glass doors, windows, partitions, aquariums or any other glazing &#; which consists of PET film and liquid crystal, making it ideal as matte film wherever you want more privacy at the click of a button.

Contact us to discuss your requirements of pdlc glass for sale. Our experienced sales team can help you identify the options that best suit your needs.

What are the colours of the SONTE film?

SONTE is available in several colour variants. Therefore, you will easily find a colour that will perfectly emphasise the interior assets of your home or that will perfectly harmonise with the visual identity of your company. Currently, the following films are available to order: grey, black, white and disco shade.

How fast is the SONTE film?

New technologies save you time. That&#;s why electrical film has a faster response time than you can imagine. In the case of the SONTE Smart film , the time to reach full transparency is only 0.1 seconds! What does this mean? That you can control your privacy as if at the snap of a finger.

Is the SONTE film easy to clean?

SONTE liquid crystal film is an innovation that provides comfort and convenience for everyday use. Because smart window film is an innovative product it is easy to handle and clean. All you will need to clean the film on your windows is a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner. And you will find details about this in the cleaning instructions that every customer ordering SONTE smart film receives from us.

Can I save money by installing film?

SONTE Smart film is an indispensable gadget for modern people for whom original design, functionality and&#; low bills count. By blocking UV (ultraviolet) rays and IR (infrared) rays, our window shading film significantly reduces the heating of rooms, which translates directly into a reduction in energy-intensive air conditioning. As a result, you reduce your energy consumption and therefore incur lower electricity costs.

Can the SONTE film have different shapes?

Yes, we carry out instalation of our film on windows and glazing of various shapes. We have solutions that allow us to fit smart film to almost any shape. As a result, we can place glazing film on virtually any glazing of your choice &#; even those with an unusual shape.

What is the difference between a laminate and an adhesive film?

The laminated film is inserted between two panes of glass. The adhesive film, on the other hand, can be used in a retro-fit system, so there is no need to purchase new glass.


Where can I use the film in a hotel?

Liquid crystal film is ideal for hotels and other luxury accommodation &#; it can be used in various spaces and areas of the building. SONTE Smart film is best suited to:

  • bathrooms,
  • spa areas,
  • conference centres,
  • external facades of the hotel to display content.

Which means that you can use the PDLC film both for the privacy of staff and hotel guests and for advertising and information purposes.

How does the film work in a hotel?

SONTE Smart film has an interesting design and therefore perfectly enhances the prestige of the interior. In addition, it noticeably enlarges the interior of the hotel facility optically. How is this possible? Walls with PDLC film installed on them save space in hotel rooms by making them feel more spacious.

What is the difference between film and curtains or blinds?

Smart film differs from curtains and roller blinds in its possibilities and properties and&#; in its effect! Firstly, our film is an innovative technology that ideally meets the needs of discerning customers who like to exploit the possibilities of all sorts of technological innovations &#; it is literally privacy at the click of a button, which is virtually impossible to achieve with other methods &#; especially curtains or roller blinds. Secondly, blackout film gives the space a more modern feel. Thirdly, electric film is functional, practical and hassle-free for everyday use. In addition, smart window film is easier to clean than curtains or roller blinds, on which dust and mites easily settle.

How does the film help hotel guests?

Hotel guests will have a much better impression of their stay thanks to the revolutionary technology of SONTE window film. This will lead to better and higher ratings left by customers. SONTE&#;s electric film can be used, among other things, as a film for the bathroom window or as a milky glass decal separating individual zones. With smart film, even small hotel spaces can appear much larger while providing privacy on demand.


Where can I use the film in the hospital?

SONTE window films are also used in modern medical facilities. Window film can be used in, among other things:

  • patient rooms,
  • doctors&#; quarters,
  • nurses&#; quarters,
  • examination rooms and treatment rooms,
  • operating theatres,
  • reception rooms.

How can the film help me in hospital?

Thanks to its easy cleaning, our liquid crystal film effectively limits the spread of various pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, throughout the hospital and other medical facilities. In addition to this, milky white film decals also ensure that hospital staff are fully focused and in control of their activities when performing procedures. Smart window films also provide comfort for patients, who expect to be provided with adequate privacy and tranquillity in hospitals.

How easy is it to clean the film?

SONTE Smart film surprise you with their trouble-free daily use. Unlike roller blinds and shutters, liquid crystal film is easy to clean and does not require frequent cleaning.

How to control the SONTE film?

Smart film allows privacy control in a variety of ways. The standard ways of controlling  are by remote control or wall switch. However, in addition to the classic ways of ensuring privacy, it is also possible to integrate it into office or home management systems. In addition, we have the possibility of personalised integrations, for which we invite you to contact your personal guide.

What are the advantages of SONTE film?

Modern privacy management is the primary, but not the only function of SONTE film. Another advantage of PDLC film is that it blocks 99% of UV (ultraviolet) light, so that provides effective protection for the health of your family or employees. In addition, electric film guarantees the blocking of as much as 95% of IR (infrared) light, thus preventing the rooms from heating up on sunny days, which analogously translates into reducing the use of air conditioning.

What are the colour options of the SONTE film?

SONTE Smart film is available in a variety of colour options. As standard, SONTE film is available in grey, black and disco, and by filling in this form you can order a free sample of the liquid crystal film, checking if the colour option suits you. Of course, it is also possible to order a customised colour for your smart film &#; for this, please contact the SONTE sales department or your personal guide.

How is the installation of the SONTE film?

The advantage of PDCL film is its trouble-free and safe installation. Depending on the type of glazing, our implementation department goes to great lengths to make the installation as unintrusive and stressful as possible for the owners. Both the SONTE SMart film and the electrical installation are professionally protected and concealed. This adds to its functional and aesthetic qualities.

What is the failure rate of SONTE film?

Hassle-free installation, reliable use of smart film make PDLC film an innovation that serves for years. SONTE matte film has a very low failure rate, remaining at 0.2% of all implementations. However, if a fault does occur, the service response time from reporting the problem is 24 hours.

If you want to learn more, please visit our website building glass manufacturer.

How do I protect SONTE films from damage?

Our best way to protect SONTE Smart film from mechanical damage is to insert the installation between the glasses in the case of a double-glazed system or to insert the glass with the film on the inside of the room in the case of a single-glazed system.

What is the lead time for the order?

The standard lead time for the installation of film on glass is 6 to 8 weeks after the advance payment has been credited. Therefore, customers who are keen to have their order processed quickly should ensure that the down payment for the installation of liquid crystal film is made early enough.

What to prepare for installation of SONTE film?

You do not need to prepare in any special way for the installation of smart film. Because for our installation we require items such as a 230v socket, a cable run from the location of the power supply and socket to the corner of the glazing and a 2x 0.35mm cable. In turn, the dimensions of the power supply are 25cm x 15cm x 5cm.

Is it possible to carry the applied SONTE film?

Of course! So you don&#;t have to worry about having to re-install SONTE Smart film on your glazing in the event of any office or home improvement work or relocation. In this case, your modern office with our previously installed PDLC film can be relocated to any other target location with the glazing, without having to reapply the SONTE film .

What information will be needed to obtain an offer?

In order to give you a full quote for the installation of window film, we need some information from you. In order to provide you with a cost estimate for the installation of liquid crystal film, we need information such as the dimensions of the glazing (width and height), the number of doors/windows to be opened, the number of rooms and the location. If possible, please attach an overview photograph of the location of your SONTE film installation.

Can we personalise SONTE films?

Our  smart film allows you to give your glazing a personal touch. Which means that we are able to produce a logo or digital blinds effect on request. In addition, we are able to apply our SONTE Smart film to any non-standard glazing.

What is a smart film?

Smart film is an innovative product for the 21st century. It is a technology that transforms everyday life. Imagine being able to manage your privacy with a remote control. For example, cut yourself off from your neighbours. And all with just one click!

How does the SONTE film work?

SONTE electrical film works on the principle of polarisation of liquid crystals. By applying voltage, the film on the glass will become translucent, while the PDLC film deprived of electricity remains matt. It is up to you what it will be like at any given time.

How much does SONTE film cost?

All smart film installations are unique in their own way. This is why each installation is individually priced according to the customer&#;s personal needs.

What formats of SONTE film are available?

The maximum width of the sheet used for the assembly of SONTE liquid crystal films is mm and the maximum length of the sheet is mm.

Is it possible to install SONTE films on custom glazing?

Our intelligent electrical film, can be applied to any glazing regardless of shape or system. Whether it is a modern office or a domestic bathroom, our installation specialists will always find the optimum solution.

How to care for SONTE films?

SONTE Smart film is easy to use on a day-to-day basis and its care is hassle-free and does not require you to carry out any complicated operations. Along with the completed installation, each customer receives a care and cleaning instruction manual for SONTE , so that you will know how to handle the smart film.

Is SONTE film safe for children?

You can also install intelligent window film and other glazing where children are present. Because our window film installation is completely safe for the little ones. The wiring, on the other hand, is completely covered and remains out of the reach of children.

What is the running cost of SONTE film?

SONTE Smart film is cheaper than you think. Using our milky white film, you don&#;t have to worry about finances. Because the power consumption calculated for 1m2 of SONTE film is only 5.5 W/h, which is about as much as your TV set uses in sleep mode. Interestingly, the larger the area, the lower the power consumption.

What is the lifetime of the SONTE film?

The lifespan of the electrical film is 10 years, which means that our lcd film will stay with you for many years.

What is the transparency of the SONTE film?

The transparency of SONTE film is >87%.

Where to buy SONTE films?

Ordering the installation of the SONTE film with installation is possible through us. Simply fill in the form available on our website and send it to our address. You can then look forward to being contacted by our sales department and a sales employee will guide you through the process.

Smart Glass FAQ - Privacy Window Film, Glass, and Windows

Adhesive Smart Film has a backing that can be peeled off for easy application to existing glass. It is very similar to applying a screen protector to a .

Non-adhesive Smart Film does not have a peel and stick backing. Instead it is applied using double sided tape. The tape can be supplied with the film or purchased at any hardware store.

For more curtain wall glass manufacturersinformation, please contact us. We will provide professional answers.


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