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What are the benefits of plastic balls for young children?

Balls are fascinating and responsive objects that promote early cognitive and motor development in young children. Protect children from the chemicals found in cheap plastic with our ultra-safe 50 phthalate and BPA-free polyethylene soft play balls. When many balls are brought together, even more benefits result! 


Plastic balls

Plastic balls

1. Open Play

Balls can be made to look like anything your child imagines. As a parent, provide ample opportunities for your child to explore at their own pace and decide how they want to play!


2. Brightly colored toys

Plastic play balls come in different colors, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, and white. A set of plastic balls in eye-catching colors will help babies and toddlers develop and improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination, perfect for preschool or kindergarten children, and outdoor and indoor play toys.


3. Balance and Coordination

Ball pits encourage movement. Outdoor games and play may depend on the weather. Setting up a ball pit indoors for children to play with allows for continued daily balance and coordination development. You can use the ball pit to set up a slide, jumping, or obstacle course to further enhance these skills.

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Plastic balls


Plastic balls


4. Cooperate with others

Balls provide excellent opportunities for cooperative play. Children playing together allows younger children to practice communicating their needs, empathy, sharing, taking turns, setting roles, and using their imagination together.

5. Improves motor skills

Another great benefit of play balls is that they can improve motor skills. They can coordinate children's eye, hand, wrist, and finger muscles. It also promotes sensory experiences where children can catch, throw, catch, roll, count and sort the balls as they play. All of these are key to improving children's motor development.

When you have a set of plastic softballs in your home, your kids will benefit from all of the above while having endless fun! We use commercial-grade plastic to make our softballs. These balls are strong enough to last for years and are also suitable for safe indoor play. If you need one, please contact us.


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